Insurgency 2 Review

Insurgency 2 - Ultimate Review

Insurgency 2 Review

The weapons look great and acts like reloads, shooting and switching of weapons are well animated with the right clicks and klakjes for sensitive audiophile. In the weapon arsenal are sufficient weapons available with the corresponding upgrades like viziertjes, grip handles and a stronger bullets, laiserpointer. All tools are provided to complete the weapon into the personal needs and the tactical plan.
Another player in the art of manipulation is as hard as with the previous mod; a few bullets in the right place are enough to kill someone. Skill, speed, recoil and armor are depending on the chosen players class; light, medium and heavy. Light is the most agile class, heavy is the best thing to give to your sizes and media coverage is all-round and benefits from both classes.

Fights for updates, knok to the team!

Upgrading of weapons has become a standard part of practically all shooters. In Insurgency is the standard equipment from the primary weapon (machine gun, shotgun, rifle or sniper), the secondary weapon (choice of two pistols), a knife and one explosive. The weapons are all up to degrees.

In Insurgency the player gets points for kills and conquering certain locations. These points are called ' redeem ' and its suply for expansion of the weapon arsenal. What is striking, is that the novice player has only one choice within the explosievenboutique. Think well about the choice after, because this determines your tactical plan in the rest of the game. You can still change, but this takes quite a bit of suply.

Kills not saving

The victory is not gained by the team with the most kills, but by the team with the most points. These are to earn through the slaughter of opponents, but to conquer and defend ' capturepoints ' is many times more important for the total number of points. Never mind however, the player with the most kills will be given a place of honor on the screen of each participant.

Pre-beta testing: laugh, vultures and ROAR

Games testing in an early stage of development always gives a nice opportunity to discover details in a game notable or funny. In Insurgency ' Early Access ' is one of them that players who are shot shoot up to 30 meters into the air. Certainly not the intention of the authors, but fun to see. Especially when there are several people near each other are shot. - Some of those hacks for Insurgency 2 can be found here or online.

Then what are you boyo?

If you are killed, then you get the chance to see the killer briefly and its surroundings. What emerges? Always an angry look! Jabbing devilish eyes that look from the screen so angry that you are afraid of is. In the future there should be an option to customize and choose your own character for friendly viewers. This is also possible in the previous edition of Insurgency, but still, the evil looks are very funny.

Modern Combat 5 Hacks for Android

The best android hacks for Modern Combat 5 for free

Modern Combat 5 Hacks for Android

Modern Combat 5 is the Messiah of the FPS on mobile? We will not perhaps respond in the affirmative. To say the least, is that it is extremely comprehensive and generous title. The new FPS by Gameloft is equipped with a packed single player campaign content, a system of very solid classes and a multiplayer mode from a very wide variety. It is certainly also one of the most beautiful games out this year on mobile, to condition however possess a tad heavy. Similarly, it will lease developers Gameloft for tactile control customization options to customize the buttons exactly as desired. No, really, Modern Combat 5 has an unbeatable quality-price-fun. We have been using this amazing Android hacks for MC 5 and found them to be quite powerful.

Which does not prevent it from having a multitude of small annoying flaws. Between the scenario simply incomprehensible, an AI Strawberry and especially a design-level (for the single-player campaign all at least) too big platitude (in all senses of the word), it is difficult to compare Modern Combat 5 a call of Duty. It still lacks the true genius of the staging and the spectacle provided by the military shooters of Activision. It is a very good entertainment, but not a product also well calibrated than what you can see currently on console.

If you are a fan of FPS on mobile, there's not so much hesitation to have, Modern Combat 5 is certainly one of the best games of its kind that can be currently found on mobile. For action game fans looking simply to spend a good time can also advise you to take a look. The price of 5.99 euros seems silly face per tonne of proposed content. For others, those whose FPS are not frankly the cup of tea, it will advise you to wait for a price drop or try it with a friend. Modern Combat 5 is a good game, but not the title that will make you love the genre on mobile.

In this FPS (first person shooter), can play solo, to save the world (3G connection minimum required), or multiplayer, to indulge in a world war I in team (Wifi connection required).

To take advantage of the title, you should also have at least iPad 2, iPhone 4S or an iPod touch 5th generation with at least iOS 7.0 above. From there, good news for fans of the series: Modern Combat 5: Blackout sold € 3.59 at this moment, instead of € 5.99, knowing that no built-in purchase is proposed in this game. For those who like discounts, note also that recently, lots of applications are available on the App Store and it is now possible to get a pack with Modern Combat 3, 4 and 5 for €8,99.

For plunge you into the universe of the FPS, and get you a better idea of the game before you buy it, you can (re) see the report that we shot in the premises of Gameloft in last May.