Insurgency 2 Review

Insurgency 2 - Ultimate Review

Insurgency 2 Review

The weapons look great and acts like reloads, shooting and switching of weapons are well animated with the right clicks and klakjes for sensitive audiophile. In the weapon arsenal are sufficient weapons available with the corresponding upgrades like viziertjes, grip handles and a stronger bullets, laiserpointer. All tools are provided to complete the weapon into the personal needs and the tactical plan.
Another player in the art of manipulation is as hard as with the previous mod; a few bullets in the right place are enough to kill someone. Skill, speed, recoil and armor are depending on the chosen players class; light, medium and heavy. Light is the most agile class, heavy is the best thing to give to your sizes and media coverage is all-round and benefits from both classes.

Fights for updates, knok to the team!

Upgrading of weapons has become a standard part of practically all shooters. In Insurgency is the standard equipment from the primary weapon (machine gun, shotgun, rifle or sniper), the secondary weapon (choice of two pistols), a knife and one explosive. The weapons are all up to degrees.

In Insurgency the player gets points for kills and conquering certain locations. These points are called ' redeem ' and its suply for expansion of the weapon arsenal. What is striking, is that the novice player has only one choice within the explosievenboutique. Think well about the choice after, because this determines your tactical plan in the rest of the game. You can still change, but this takes quite a bit of suply.

Kills not saving

The victory is not gained by the team with the most kills, but by the team with the most points. These are to earn through the slaughter of opponents, but to conquer and defend ' capturepoints ' is many times more important for the total number of points. Never mind however, the player with the most kills will be given a place of honor on the screen of each participant.

Pre-beta testing: laugh, vultures and ROAR

Games testing in an early stage of development always gives a nice opportunity to discover details in a game notable or funny. In Insurgency ' Early Access ' is one of them that players who are shot shoot up to 30 meters into the air. Certainly not the intention of the authors, but fun to see. Especially when there are several people near each other are shot. - Some of those hacks for Insurgency 2 can be found here or online.

Then what are you boyo?

If you are killed, then you get the chance to see the killer briefly and its surroundings. What emerges? Always an angry look! Jabbing devilish eyes that look from the screen so angry that you are afraid of is. In the future there should be an option to customize and choose your own character for friendly viewers. This is also possible in the previous edition of Insurgency, but still, the evil looks are very funny.

Modern Combat 5 Hacks for Android

The best android hacks for Modern Combat 5 for free

Modern Combat 5 Hacks for Android

Modern Combat 5 is the Messiah of the FPS on mobile? We will not perhaps respond in the affirmative. To say the least, is that it is extremely comprehensive and generous title. The new FPS by Gameloft is equipped with a packed single player campaign content, a system of very solid classes and a multiplayer mode from a very wide variety. It is certainly also one of the most beautiful games out this year on mobile, to condition however possess a tad heavy. Similarly, it will lease developers Gameloft for tactile control customization options to customize the buttons exactly as desired. No, really, Modern Combat 5 has an unbeatable quality-price-fun. We have been using this amazing Android hacks for MC 5 and found them to be quite powerful.

Which does not prevent it from having a multitude of small annoying flaws. Between the scenario simply incomprehensible, an AI Strawberry and especially a design-level (for the single-player campaign all at least) too big platitude (in all senses of the word), it is difficult to compare Modern Combat 5 a call of Duty. It still lacks the true genius of the staging and the spectacle provided by the military shooters of Activision. It is a very good entertainment, but not a product also well calibrated than what you can see currently on console.

If you are a fan of FPS on mobile, there's not so much hesitation to have, Modern Combat 5 is certainly one of the best games of its kind that can be currently found on mobile. For action game fans looking simply to spend a good time can also advise you to take a look. The price of 5.99 euros seems silly face per tonne of proposed content. For others, those whose FPS are not frankly the cup of tea, it will advise you to wait for a price drop or try it with a friend. Modern Combat 5 is a good game, but not the title that will make you love the genre on mobile.

In this FPS (first person shooter), can play solo, to save the world (3G connection minimum required), or multiplayer, to indulge in a world war I in team (Wifi connection required).

To take advantage of the title, you should also have at least iPad 2, iPhone 4S or an iPod touch 5th generation with at least iOS 7.0 above. From there, good news for fans of the series: Modern Combat 5: Blackout sold € 3.59 at this moment, instead of € 5.99, knowing that no built-in purchase is proposed in this game. For those who like discounts, note also that recently, lots of applications are available on the App Store and it is now possible to get a pack with Modern Combat 3, 4 and 5 for €8,99.

For plunge you into the universe of the FPS, and get you a better idea of the game before you buy it, you can (re) see the report that we shot in the premises of Gameloft in last May.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Wall Hack

Download the ultimate Wall Hack for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Wall Hack

This is a very impressive COD Advanced Warfare Wall Hack that will help you win many games. Get some fun facts about Exo Survival: it contains actually a system where you could give fallen comrades back to life just before they die. Alfredo and I made grateful use of during our play session. The progression of your character is retained, so that you have a reason to come back every time. In addition, the mode about matchmaking, besides the possibility of private sessions, so you always have (temporary) fight sizes when no one is in your friends list is online.

I fear itself rather to traditional multiplayer modes of the Call of Duty games, so Exo Survival could well be exactly the mode where I'm looking for-without me humiliated by other human players. Exo Survival is an enjoyable, well executed surprise who could be my favorite ' recurring ' mode.

Interest in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? The game can be ordered from and there are also special editions available. If you order this already, then you would be able to get started a day earlier.

For whom the multiplayer for Call of Duty: Ghosts has played, know you through obtaining certain challenges Field Orders can obtain. With it you can unlock special rewards such as the invocation of a gun-ship. Whether or not you are a fan of this Field Orders, they will at least not return in the multiplayer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This has let us know via Twitter Michael Condrey.

Facing the loss of Field Orders, is adding the supply drops which give you the possibility to use a weapons and killstreaks are modeled to your own playing style. Recently there appeared a trailer in which these supply drops are central. If you want to know more about, you can watch trailer here again.

Now Destiny is out, it's time to look at the next big shooter. Coincidentally is also from Activision. And coincidentally will yield millions. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare comes on 4 november and has not just another developer and plug-in, but a co-op mode for four players.Developer Sledgehammer late in every way a fresh wind blow by the Call of Duty series. Similarly with these four player co-op. Rather we could already fighting against hordes of zombies fights, but this is still very different kettle of fish. Watch the trailer and know what you can expect in november. And to be honest, this looks still damn good, no?

FUT 15 Hacks

New FUT 15 Hacks have already been released to the public!

FUT 15 Hacks

Indeed, after a FIFA 12 of large building sites and a FIFA 13 with onions, it takes a little digging to find significant innovations in this FIFA 14, in addition to the Visual slap that one takes in the face, legends was on One and a few Kinect interactions. In terms of 'classical' content, however, no problem: the large stables of world football are there (all small also), as always, with about 660 (!) rested clubs, as well as the different major championships, your wishes can also be filled with the presence of more exotic leagues, Saudi, Korean or Australian for example. The opportunity for some to find the hero Del Piero. Working cheats for the game have already been released and you can find them here.

If many cuts are also up for grabs, we always kinda regret cannot wield the real world cup or true the Europe Cup of Nations trophy. But as a specific version of FIFA is proposed therefore that there is global or Euro, known, it will return to the Fund. For good cheap admittedly, but still.

Gross content innovations occur primarily in career mode. Good manager, it will be possible to install recruiters everywhere in the world to get their hands on the next nugget of the round ball. Find a gamer profile to recruit becomes also more evident with the characteristics of the type of player sought as indications. The whole is even more flexible that the General interface is now clearer, lighter, close enough that we know on the iPad version of the title. In short, coating, with its selection of pop music to fashion, is attractive and more successful than before. But the truth, you know, it found field.

And once again, the green rectangle, FIFA is untouchable. Without gameplay with this 14 but FIFA revolution well visually and any similarly to competition boor, anyway not present for the launch of the new consoles. Just see the wingers fuser on their side, the defenders play the shoulders and their weight to block their opponents or the attackers try to put on their right foot to hit, to say that this IA, is something.

So yes, with a game that is more fluid and more intense than ever, the defence is sometimes a little to the pick up in its investments. It will compensate the blunders of the buddies with keystrokes full lulu, this FIFA 14 certainly offering the feeling of the most successful hits of the series. And even if the posts sometimes seem magnetized... it is a very personal of course comment, but it seems to me typing more times in this FIFA 14 bars that during all my sleepless nights on PES era PS2 then FIFA! And as the guardians have the steady hand and that it rolled up R1 (I play in "alternative") passes all every time, we'll have to elbow. Which is good since the protection of ball and contacts benefit particular attention again this year. Tweaked 13 FIFA, I tell you.

Star Wars Commander Iphone Hacks

Download hacks for the Iphone version of Star Wars Commander !

Star Wars Commander Iphone Hacks

Star Wars: Order presents itself as a free-to-play game of strategy where you have to build a base, hire a troop and go co-op you against your enemies, straight out of the Star Wars saga.

The game leaves the choice of the camps, you can join the Empire in an attempt to control the Galaxy, or rather to expand the ranks of the Rebellion to defeat justice. Princess Leia or the famous and majestic TB - TT, Han Solo or TIE fighter. The choice can be agonizing.

You can compete against other players online across the Galaxy, strengthen your base, train your troops, perform many missions and exercise patience while waiting for your buildings end up being built.It is also possible to ally with your friends to form a 'ultimate squad"and become unbeatable. Of course, in-app purchases are offered as well as banners of The Walt Disney Company".

Find the new resource generator for Star Wars Commanders and start owning your adversaries today. Available since yesterday to the international, Star Wars: order, the Disney answer to the Clash of Clans phenomenon itself with a rather humorous screen. Known, in most games, developers clamoring to see their new babies on the different App Store. Regularly, you are thus prompted to do so to improve the rating of the game, or on the contrary complain you about a recent update.

Sometimes developers abuse, but others differ and bring just a little humor. This is the case of Star Wars: order which has a sign telling you "you want to note this application" and then two choices: "your psychic powers do not work on me" and "I want to note this application. If you choose the second alternative, you will receive 25 crystals (the currency premium of the game which allows to lower the timers)..

Next to these two choices identified by Gamezebo, can be seen the Obi - Wan Kenobi Jedi who so tries to manipulate your mind to make the right decision. Are you sensitive to the force?

Hearthstone BOT

Download the latest hearthstone bot for free!

Hearthstone BOT

At a large computer games fair in Shanghai, the Chinajoy, one of the brains behind Blizzard's has come up with watch free collectible card game Hearthstone in the cards. Hamilton Chu revealed the design ideas that lie behind Blizzard's success game. Have you been looking for a decent hearthstone bot that can play for you and farm you gold easily?

Compared to the business-magazine venturebeat Hamilton Chu expressed, one of the brains behind Hearthstone, details, what considerations in the design of the games has gone and why it has been so successful. Hamilton Chu long time was one of only two people who were working at all on Hearthstone. The rest of your team was removed in the middle of the project to work on major releases of Blizzard. But Chu and his colleague Eric Dodds saw it as an opportunity. Thus they could make quick changes to the game. There have been no policy, no frippery. Only game design in its purest form.

The secret design tricks Blizzard have nothing to do because even with Voodoo, but all revolve around relatively simple and obvious concepts. You have gone first, fully played by bits and bytes, for cards and ideas. You knew that it would be no problem to implement technically, so took the "team 5" six to nine months long only to the pure design of the game.

Also you have made a effort, clearly formulating "Core ideas" of the game and to pass on, so no one working on a feature that later fell under the table. Also creating simple prototypes with Adobe Flash have provided important insights and simplifies the work.

You have repeatedly questioned the basics of the game. And have separated themselves from things, which limited the pace and the fun of the game. In an early version Hearthstones a resource management system was first planned, which have proved but too ponderous. According to Chu, you had also a kind of way to the "surprise attack" in the game, but she proved to be too powerful and was finally deleted.

It is among the principle of simplicity also, that you don't invent the wheel. What do it big, to confront the players if you could also just take the established names with new terms for "Life" and "Attack"? But have you used the digital possibilities of the medium. At least allowed these moves that didn't work in a traditional card game.

This one however also ensured not to have to simplify the game. It should preserve a depth which it Warcraft can bring Hearthstone world to a game for the ages. This provided the players with many important decisions. This kind of tools are quite rare to find for free but now you can get a copy of an working Hearthstone Bot for free from this website.

In a card game, there is always a winner and a loser at the end, it would have been too boring or too frustrating. So you sought in the design to turn the match into a series of small victories and small losses. As a result, the match would remain attractive, it would go back and forth, and players would come back.

In addition, took to the emotional attachment of the player with the world of Warcraft advantage and designed the game so that Hearthstone deliver new material for stories. While Chu resorted to RAID experience in WoW. They had been initially disastrous, but had come after great material for stories.

Apparently, Chus plans went on. According to venturebeat, the game had been downloaded more than 10 million times. Although one has called yet not winning numbers at Blizzard, but representatives said Blizzard recently that that the Hearthstone have exceeded all expectations.

Clash of Clans Elixir Generator

Download the new Clash of Clans Elixir Generator for free!

Clash of Clans Elixir Generator

he army camp is where you end up troops if they have completed their training. Barbarians, archers and Gobelins take one place in the available space. Troops such as Giants, Wall absorbers, etc. take in more than one place. A giant takes 5 places in, a dragon even 20 spots. Elixir is a very important resource so we are giving away for free this new Elixir Generator for all users that want to download it.

You need to upgrade your army camps with elixir to get more space for your troops. More troops means more opportunities with an attack and a greater chance of a victory. Defend your village in the troops your army camp NOT only do this in the event of an attack, the troops in your Clan Castle. Fortunately, the troops in your army camp also not killed in an attack.

The maximum number of troops that eventually fit in your army camps is 240, four army camps x 60 troops.

Army camps should you smart in your village places. You should they definitely not behind a wall post, this is a waste of your available walls. You need them firmly against your walls to places, in the range of a defensive work as an Archer Tower or a cannon. Army camps have a relatively high health and it takes a lot of time to destroy them. And this will give you ample time to the attackers to pop off one by one.

The laboratory is the place where you can examine all your troops and spells, or upgrade. By your troops to investigate, they are stronger (damage per second increases) and they continue to live longer (health is increasing). For the examination of the troops you have elixir of dark elixir needed. For the research you have no construction worker needed.

The laboratory is available from a level 3 Town Hall. After placing the laboratory you can start researching your troops. You can't continue to explore unlimited, you will also need to upgrade your laboratory every now and then. You can just upgrade your laboratory during an investigation, the investigation is suspended until the upgrade is complete. You can download the elixir generator from this official hacking website.

The dark barracks, introduced on 12 March 2013, allows you to train in dark forces. For training dark forces did you need dark elixir. There is no special army camp for dark forces. The dark forces that you train wont come in one of your army camps.

Just like normal barracks, his dark barracks unable to function while they are being upgraded.

Make your units furious to make them bigger, faster and stronger! Pronounce this spell to make a Circle of anger! Get your units more speed and attack power as long as they remain within the circle.