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Hearthstone BOT

At a large computer games fair in Shanghai, the Chinajoy, one of the brains behind Blizzard's has come up with watch free collectible card game Hearthstone in the cards. Hamilton Chu revealed the design ideas that lie behind Blizzard's success game. Have you been looking for a decent hearthstone bot that can play for you and farm you gold easily?

Compared to the business-magazine venturebeat Hamilton Chu expressed, one of the brains behind Hearthstone, details, what considerations in the design of the games has gone and why it has been so successful. Hamilton Chu long time was one of only two people who were working at all on Hearthstone. The rest of your team was removed in the middle of the project to work on major releases of Blizzard. But Chu and his colleague Eric Dodds saw it as an opportunity. Thus they could make quick changes to the game. There have been no policy, no frippery. Only game design in its purest form.

The secret design tricks Blizzard have nothing to do because even with Voodoo, but all revolve around relatively simple and obvious concepts. You have gone first, fully played by bits and bytes, for cards and ideas. You knew that it would be no problem to implement technically, so took the "team 5" six to nine months long only to the pure design of the game.

Also you have made a effort, clearly formulating "Core ideas" of the game and to pass on, so no one working on a feature that later fell under the table. Also creating simple prototypes with Adobe Flash have provided important insights and simplifies the work.

You have repeatedly questioned the basics of the game. And have separated themselves from things, which limited the pace and the fun of the game. In an early version Hearthstones a resource management system was first planned, which have proved but too ponderous. According to Chu, you had also a kind of way to the "surprise attack" in the game, but she proved to be too powerful and was finally deleted.

It is among the principle of simplicity also, that you don't invent the wheel. What do it big, to confront the players if you could also just take the established names with new terms for "Life" and "Attack"? But have you used the digital possibilities of the medium. At least allowed these moves that didn't work in a traditional card game.

This one however also ensured not to have to simplify the game. It should preserve a depth which it Warcraft can bring Hearthstone world to a game for the ages. This provided the players with many important decisions. This kind of tools are quite rare to find for free but now you can get a copy of an working Hearthstone Bot for free from this website.

In a card game, there is always a winner and a loser at the end, it would have been too boring or too frustrating. So you sought in the design to turn the match into a series of small victories and small losses. As a result, the match would remain attractive, it would go back and forth, and players would come back.

In addition, took to the emotional attachment of the player with the world of Warcraft advantage and designed the game so that Hearthstone deliver new material for stories. While Chu resorted to RAID experience in WoW. They had been initially disastrous, but had come after great material for stories.

Apparently, Chus plans went on. According to venturebeat, the game had been downloaded more than 10 million times. Although one has called yet not winning numbers at Blizzard, but representatives said Blizzard recently that that the Hearthstone have exceeded all expectations.