Star Wars Commander Iphone Hacks

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Star Wars Commander Iphone Hacks

Star Wars: Order presents itself as a free-to-play game of strategy where you have to build a base, hire a troop and go co-op you against your enemies, straight out of the Star Wars saga.

The game leaves the choice of the camps, you can join the Empire in an attempt to control the Galaxy, or rather to expand the ranks of the Rebellion to defeat justice. Princess Leia or the famous and majestic TB - TT, Han Solo or TIE fighter. The choice can be agonizing.

You can compete against other players online across the Galaxy, strengthen your base, train your troops, perform many missions and exercise patience while waiting for your buildings end up being built.It is also possible to ally with your friends to form a 'ultimate squad"and become unbeatable. Of course, in-app purchases are offered as well as banners of The Walt Disney Company".

Find the new resource generator for Star Wars Commanders and start owning your adversaries today. Available since yesterday to the international, Star Wars: order, the Disney answer to the Clash of Clans phenomenon itself with a rather humorous screen. Known, in most games, developers clamoring to see their new babies on the different App Store. Regularly, you are thus prompted to do so to improve the rating of the game, or on the contrary complain you about a recent update.

Sometimes developers abuse, but others differ and bring just a little humor. This is the case of Star Wars: order which has a sign telling you "you want to note this application" and then two choices: "your psychic powers do not work on me" and "I want to note this application. If you choose the second alternative, you will receive 25 crystals (the currency premium of the game which allows to lower the timers)..

Next to these two choices identified by Gamezebo, can be seen the Obi - Wan Kenobi Jedi who so tries to manipulate your mind to make the right decision. Are you sensitive to the force?