FUT 15 Hacks

New FUT 15 Hacks have already been released to the public!

FUT 15 Hacks

Indeed, after a FIFA 12 of large building sites and a FIFA 13 with onions, it takes a little digging to find significant innovations in this FIFA 14, in addition to the Visual slap that one takes in the face, legends was on One and a few Kinect interactions. In terms of 'classical' content, however, no problem: the large stables of world football are there (all small also), as always, with about 660 (!) rested clubs, as well as the different major championships, your wishes can also be filled with the presence of more exotic leagues, Saudi, Korean or Australian for example. The opportunity for some to find the hero Del Piero. Working cheats for the game have already been released and you can find them here.

If many cuts are also up for grabs, we always kinda regret cannot wield the real world cup or true the Europe Cup of Nations trophy. But as a specific version of FIFA is proposed therefore that there is global or Euro, known, it will return to the Fund. For good cheap admittedly, but still.

Gross content innovations occur primarily in career mode. Good manager, it will be possible to install recruiters everywhere in the world to get their hands on the next nugget of the round ball. Find a gamer profile to recruit becomes also more evident with the characteristics of the type of player sought as indications. The whole is even more flexible that the General interface is now clearer, lighter, close enough that we know on the iPad version of the title. In short, coating, with its selection of pop music to fashion, is attractive and more successful than before. But the truth, you know, it found field.

And once again, the green rectangle, FIFA is untouchable. Without gameplay with this 14 but FIFA revolution well visually and any similarly to competition boor, anyway not present for the launch of the new consoles. Just see the wingers fuser on their side, the defenders play the shoulders and their weight to block their opponents or the attackers try to put on their right foot to hit, to say that this IA, is something.

So yes, with a game that is more fluid and more intense than ever, the defence is sometimes a little to the pick up in its investments. It will compensate the blunders of the buddies with keystrokes full lulu, this FIFA 14 certainly offering the feeling of the most successful hits of the series. And even if the posts sometimes seem magnetized... it is a very personal of course comment, but it seems to me typing more times in this FIFA 14 bars that during all my sleepless nights on PES era PS2 then FIFA! And as the guardians have the steady hand and that it rolled up R1 (I play in "alternative") passes all every time, we'll have to elbow. Which is good since the protection of ball and contacts benefit particular attention again this year. Tweaked 13 FIFA, I tell you.