Star Wars Commander Iphone Hacks

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Star Wars Commander Iphone Hacks

Star Wars: Order presents itself as a free-to-play game of strategy where you have to build a base, hire a troop and go co-op you against your enemies, straight out of the Star Wars saga.

The game leaves the choice of the camps, you can join the Empire in an attempt to control the Galaxy, or rather to expand the ranks of the Rebellion to defeat justice. Princess Leia or the famous and majestic TB - TT, Han Solo or TIE fighter. The choice can be agonizing.

You can compete against other players online across the Galaxy, strengthen your base, train your troops, perform many missions and exercise patience while waiting for your buildings end up being built.It is also possible to ally with your friends to form a 'ultimate squad"and become unbeatable. Of course, in-app purchases are offered as well as banners of The Walt Disney Company".

Find the new resource generator for Star Wars Commanders and start owning your adversaries today. Available since yesterday to the international, Star Wars: order, the Disney answer to the Clash of Clans phenomenon itself with a rather humorous screen. Known, in most games, developers clamoring to see their new babies on the different App Store. Regularly, you are thus prompted to do so to improve the rating of the game, or on the contrary complain you about a recent update.

Sometimes developers abuse, but others differ and bring just a little humor. This is the case of Star Wars: order which has a sign telling you "you want to note this application" and then two choices: "your psychic powers do not work on me" and "I want to note this application. If you choose the second alternative, you will receive 25 crystals (the currency premium of the game which allows to lower the timers)..

Next to these two choices identified by Gamezebo, can be seen the Obi - Wan Kenobi Jedi who so tries to manipulate your mind to make the right decision. Are you sensitive to the force?

Hearthstone BOT

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Hearthstone BOT

At a large computer games fair in Shanghai, the Chinajoy, one of the brains behind Blizzard's has come up with watch free collectible card game Hearthstone in the cards. Hamilton Chu revealed the design ideas that lie behind Blizzard's success game. Have you been looking for a decent hearthstone bot that can play for you and farm you gold easily?

Compared to the business-magazine venturebeat Hamilton Chu expressed, one of the brains behind Hearthstone, details, what considerations in the design of the games has gone and why it has been so successful. Hamilton Chu long time was one of only two people who were working at all on Hearthstone. The rest of your team was removed in the middle of the project to work on major releases of Blizzard. But Chu and his colleague Eric Dodds saw it as an opportunity. Thus they could make quick changes to the game. There have been no policy, no frippery. Only game design in its purest form.

The secret design tricks Blizzard have nothing to do because even with Voodoo, but all revolve around relatively simple and obvious concepts. You have gone first, fully played by bits and bytes, for cards and ideas. You knew that it would be no problem to implement technically, so took the "team 5" six to nine months long only to the pure design of the game.

Also you have made a effort, clearly formulating "Core ideas" of the game and to pass on, so no one working on a feature that later fell under the table. Also creating simple prototypes with Adobe Flash have provided important insights and simplifies the work.

You have repeatedly questioned the basics of the game. And have separated themselves from things, which limited the pace and the fun of the game. In an early version Hearthstones a resource management system was first planned, which have proved but too ponderous. According to Chu, you had also a kind of way to the "surprise attack" in the game, but she proved to be too powerful and was finally deleted.

It is among the principle of simplicity also, that you don't invent the wheel. What do it big, to confront the players if you could also just take the established names with new terms for "Life" and "Attack"? But have you used the digital possibilities of the medium. At least allowed these moves that didn't work in a traditional card game.

This one however also ensured not to have to simplify the game. It should preserve a depth which it Warcraft can bring Hearthstone world to a game for the ages. This provided the players with many important decisions. This kind of tools are quite rare to find for free but now you can get a copy of an working Hearthstone Bot for free from this website.

In a card game, there is always a winner and a loser at the end, it would have been too boring or too frustrating. So you sought in the design to turn the match into a series of small victories and small losses. As a result, the match would remain attractive, it would go back and forth, and players would come back.

In addition, took to the emotional attachment of the player with the world of Warcraft advantage and designed the game so that Hearthstone deliver new material for stories. While Chu resorted to RAID experience in WoW. They had been initially disastrous, but had come after great material for stories.

Apparently, Chus plans went on. According to venturebeat, the game had been downloaded more than 10 million times. Although one has called yet not winning numbers at Blizzard, but representatives said Blizzard recently that that the Hearthstone have exceeded all expectations.

Clash of Clans Elixir Generator

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Clash of Clans Elixir Generator

he army camp is where you end up troops if they have completed their training. Barbarians, archers and Gobelins take one place in the available space. Troops such as Giants, Wall absorbers, etc. take in more than one place. A giant takes 5 places in, a dragon even 20 spots. Elixir is a very important resource so we are giving away for free this new Elixir Generator for all users that want to download it.

You need to upgrade your army camps with elixir to get more space for your troops. More troops means more opportunities with an attack and a greater chance of a victory. Defend your village in the troops your army camp NOT only do this in the event of an attack, the troops in your Clan Castle. Fortunately, the troops in your army camp also not killed in an attack.

The maximum number of troops that eventually fit in your army camps is 240, four army camps x 60 troops.

Army camps should you smart in your village places. You should they definitely not behind a wall post, this is a waste of your available walls. You need them firmly against your walls to places, in the range of a defensive work as an Archer Tower or a cannon. Army camps have a relatively high health and it takes a lot of time to destroy them. And this will give you ample time to the attackers to pop off one by one.

The laboratory is the place where you can examine all your troops and spells, or upgrade. By your troops to investigate, they are stronger (damage per second increases) and they continue to live longer (health is increasing). For the examination of the troops you have elixir of dark elixir needed. For the research you have no construction worker needed.

The laboratory is available from a level 3 Town Hall. After placing the laboratory you can start researching your troops. You can't continue to explore unlimited, you will also need to upgrade your laboratory every now and then. You can just upgrade your laboratory during an investigation, the investigation is suspended until the upgrade is complete. You can download the elixir generator from this official hacking website.

The dark barracks, introduced on 12 March 2013, allows you to train in dark forces. For training dark forces did you need dark elixir. There is no special army camp for dark forces. The dark forces that you train wont come in one of your army camps.

Just like normal barracks, his dark barracks unable to function while they are being upgraded.

Make your units furious to make them bigger, faster and stronger! Pronounce this spell to make a Circle of anger! Get your units more speed and attack power as long as they remain within the circle.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hack

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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hack

Last year Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 made especially clear that the rack from the Call of Duty formula began to hit. The engine was out of date and the innovations that Infinity Ward in multiplayer mode had stopped worked not so innovative as many had thought and hoped. Although the game months the community massively played was the general opinion that the weather was much of the same, especially with several bugs and exploits such as that has been popping up in the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty.

It is a rather paradoxical situation. On the one hand there is the criticism of gamers who play Call of Duty for many years, and maintain ' all set ' with the shooter from Activision, but on the other hand, there is the sales success; each new Call of Duty does it again better than the previous one. It Is plausible to believe that there really is a moment comes when those large fan base decision ignoring his beloved series once again, or will it not such a speed run? Is the next in line, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, then all the first victim? And would it have? This are the next generation Black Ops 2 Hacks and can be downloaded for free.

The most obvious answer to that last question is Yes. Yes, because as we all know, the game is made with a developed version of the same engine which the previous games with it are made. In addition, the multiplayer mode for a considerable part still remained the same. Those are the things that experienced Call of Duty players the first time will see and where the game best on can be settled.

After all, what do you say about the graphics? Last year we found they are already out of date, and this year that picture is not exactly gotten better. Some parts of the game, in spite of everything, still look good. For example, the character models stitches fine in each other and the cutscenes also look good. In addition, the Call of Duty-engine Excel in flexibility; you will hardly see hitches in the gameplay. The lack of detail in some environments and the total absence of elements that can be shattered soon betray the age of the engine.

Let the Pitchforks and torches, however, a moment in the barn are. Although the above downsides there are, definitely offers Black Ops II News. Of course the most hours game fun again this year in the multiplayer mode, but more than ever rated this game Call of Duty on the other parts. We just have to wait, but Black Ops Call of Duty II breaks with the old tradition of a completely linear story. In addition, the men and women of Treyarch also the Zombies-game mode and expanded. Black Ops II allows for even the most inveterate multiplayerfan worth to look beyond the game modes you see for years.

Yesterday we had already a short teaser of possible new downloadable expansion of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Today we have the official announcement: Black Ops 2: Apocalypse will be the last DLC package for the shooter.

According to studio head, Mark Lamia, Treyarchs is "Apocalypse the grand finale for Black Ops II". The package will contain two new multiplayer maps, but also two remakes of favorites. In addition, there will be more zombies are in ' Origins '. If you want to find good tools for this game check the official  website and download this amazing hacks for free here:

Frost: a snowy European city, where a bridge separates both sides.
Takeoff: based on ' Stage ' of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC. The fight will take place on a secluded rakketbasis and revolves around close quarters combat.
Dig: an adaptation of ' courtyard ' from Call of Duty: World of War, where two archaeological dig places come together.

Origins is the return of the original four characters of the zombie-mod: Tank, Nikolai, Takeo and Rictofen. The playing field is the France of World War I in ' Diesel punk-style '. Players will have to Dodge more than zombies ', however, there is also a giant robot around.

Black Ops 2: Apocalypse will, like previous DLC, first appear on Xbox LIVE. On August 27, you can download it for 1200 Microsoft Points or as part of the Season Pass.

Download CS GO HACKS - 2014 Version

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Download CS GO HACKS

Interestingly is one of my favorite moments in the game also the most hated level; the eradication of a number of snipers in a deserted French village. It is a sudden change in tempo compared to the run-and-gun principle of the other missions. You crawl on the smooth ride of debris and are looking for cover behind the few remaining walls. It is a brutal and unforgivable "Sniper Town ' mission and the missions took care of a lot of frustration among many gamers, but they are also the levels closest to the true nature of the war are. These are the last spar refugees of a war before the spectacular final mission starts. This are simply the best Counter Strike Global Offensive hacks available.

It is striking to see how little military shooters have changed since the release of Allied Assault. Hitler's nazi army has given way to a more modern enemy, but we fight the conflicts in much the same way. Allied Assault still worked with an infinite number of different weapons you can carry and healthpacks, but the overall style and tone all shooters, of Crysis to HomeFront, affected. Even non-FPS games like Dead Space and Uncharted have owe a lot to the success of Allied Assault.

Perhaps the greatest difference between Allied Assault and the modern FPS games that, even at times when Movie scenes are acted out one on one, the players never lose direct control in Allied Assault. It's a solid shooter with some brilliant scripted moments, instead of a series of scripted events with some shooter-moments. Although the beach mission of Allied Assault was full with cinematic elements, the game never forgot what she was: a game. With this cs go hacks you will be able to dominate the game with ease.

In fact, it was Allied Assault no tribute to Hollywood. It was a direct challenge, a statement that games can be just as big and impressive as movies. Certain parts of the game have suffered, but the run was certainly made. Ten years later it seems to want to prove this FPS genre still through ever larger scripted moments. The question is: how long must this go on before the genre finally satisfied with the result?

The past few years, we have better, smarter, more innovative and more interesting shooters, but in terms of influence on the genre have Allied Assault only to bow to Doom.

Why use CS GO HACKS ?

If you are looking for good hacks for cs go please visit and explore the world of hacking and exploiting the game.  Vektropolis, a retro shooter that is made by Dark Computer Entertainment, appears on 21 december. This was announced by the new trailer for the game.

To the game also works the man behind Star Wars: The Arcade Game, namely Daniel Gallagher. Vektropolis looks a bit like TRON, as there are lines used in neon colors, as we also know from the Atari game Battlezone, released in 1980. You control this time no tank, but a plane that tanks and ships broken must shoot.

The game, which feels like we are back in the 1980s, appears on the PC, but will probably be in January on the Mac come true. Look Dark Computer yet to possibilities for the PlayStation 3, Vita, iPhone and Android, as writes.