Clash of Clans Elixir Generator

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Clash of Clans Elixir Generator

he army camp is where you end up troops if they have completed their training. Barbarians, archers and Gobelins take one place in the available space. Troops such as Giants, Wall absorbers, etc. take in more than one place. A giant takes 5 places in, a dragon even 20 spots. Elixir is a very important resource so we are giving away for free this new Elixir Generator for all users that want to download it.

You need to upgrade your army camps with elixir to get more space for your troops. More troops means more opportunities with an attack and a greater chance of a victory. Defend your village in the troops your army camp NOT only do this in the event of an attack, the troops in your Clan Castle. Fortunately, the troops in your army camp also not killed in an attack.

The maximum number of troops that eventually fit in your army camps is 240, four army camps x 60 troops.

Army camps should you smart in your village places. You should they definitely not behind a wall post, this is a waste of your available walls. You need them firmly against your walls to places, in the range of a defensive work as an Archer Tower or a cannon. Army camps have a relatively high health and it takes a lot of time to destroy them. And this will give you ample time to the attackers to pop off one by one.

The laboratory is the place where you can examine all your troops and spells, or upgrade. By your troops to investigate, they are stronger (damage per second increases) and they continue to live longer (health is increasing). For the examination of the troops you have elixir of dark elixir needed. For the research you have no construction worker needed.

The laboratory is available from a level 3 Town Hall. After placing the laboratory you can start researching your troops. You can't continue to explore unlimited, you will also need to upgrade your laboratory every now and then. You can just upgrade your laboratory during an investigation, the investigation is suspended until the upgrade is complete. You can download the elixir generator from this official hacking website.

The dark barracks, introduced on 12 March 2013, allows you to train in dark forces. For training dark forces did you need dark elixir. There is no special army camp for dark forces. The dark forces that you train wont come in one of your army camps.

Just like normal barracks, his dark barracks unable to function while they are being upgraded.

Make your units furious to make them bigger, faster and stronger! Pronounce this spell to make a Circle of anger! Get your units more speed and attack power as long as they remain within the circle.